Multimedia & Unified comunication

Inside offers dedicated audio-video solutions to manage every aspect of corporate media management. Whether it is an event or a company meeting, the proposed solutions are tailor-made based on real needs and available spaces. Having a professional sound and lighting system and having it managed by an expert service is certainly one of the indispensable prerogatives for the success of an event. Similarly, it is essential for a company to have the ability to always be connected and allow customers and team members to participate in meetings and meetings even remotely. A well-designed videoconferencing system in all its parts, audio, and video must allow communication regardless of the interlocutors and systems they will use from time to time.

MEETING ROOMS Videoconference, control systems, and room reservation

LFD Monitor

Touch Display

MUSEUMS Angular projections, Blending, Holographies

ENVIRONMENTAL ANIMATIONS, Lights, Curtains, Audio, and Projection Systems

AUDITORIUM, Videowall, Laser projection, Conference, Room automation (lights, curtains, audio and production systems)